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Q: Is there anything I personally can do to help wild orcas? I love in Indiana so there's not really any aquariums I can protest for. I just want to do anything I can to help these beautiful creatures. Any advice?


Yes, I can help with that! I definitely feel your pain because I live thousands of miles from the nearest Orca community, but there are ways you can help, some indirect, some direct.

  1. Donate money to an organization that studies and works to protect wild Orcas. Donations can be in all forms, from just making a credit card transfer, to buying cool Orca gear, to even symbolically adopting your own Orca! There are more groups out there, but here are a few to give you some help: X X X X X 
  2. Reduce your footprint on our oceans. This of course is a more indirect way of helping wild Orcas, but it’s just as effective! Use biodegradable household cleaners, reduce your plastic intake, recycle any materials you can, you know the drill.
  3. Avoid farmed salmon at all costs, and try to avoid eating any seafood at all. The southern resident Orca community suffers greatly at the cost of farmed salmon in the area. Eating any seafood not only is bad for our oceans, Orcas and other animals are at danger of competing with us for food (because overfishing is so severe these days) and coming into contact with harmful fishing line or nets.
  4. Keep a lookout for laws in question that could potentially harm Orcas, and make your voice known. Call and email government officials and give them a piece of your (educated!) mind.
  5. Start up petitions to generate more momentum to help wild Orcas, or sign ones that are already up!
  6. Spread the word! Make others aware of issues challenging wild Orcas and try to get them involved in helping out!

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